Board of Operations


The Swift County Housing and Redevelopment Authority (HRA) is dedicated to serve the residents of Swift County. By advocating for fair housing, encouraging rehabilitation of existing housing, new housing construction for low to moderate incomes, promoting economic development, creating community development programs, and overall providing decent safe and affordable housing.


Meet The HRA Board of Directors

District Board Member Position Term Ends (Term)
N/A Leanna Larson Executive Board/Secretary N/A
1 Joan Fust Board Chair December 2028 (2)
1 Karla Schmidt Board Member December 2027 (1)
2   Board Member  
3  Pete Peterson  Board Member/Commissioner  December 2027 (ongoing)
4 Paula Grace Board Member December 2025 (1)
4 Joy Weber Board Member  December 2028 (1)
5 Debra Kneisl Board Vice-Chair December 2028 (2)